New site!

Well, finally I have completed my website, which now hosts my new blog, from now on this will be the site that I update, so go there for future updates.

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MineCraft Survival Games

So, its been FOREVER since I posted, sorry about that, but today I have a new post of you all, this time about Minecraft! Today I went and played on a server called “Minecraft Survival Games” which is basically just the Hunger Games in mine craft, so, the first time I played ( I played 3 times) I died in the “force field”, which is a invisible boundry that you can’t pass or you die. The second time I died of hunger, but then the third time I ALMOST won, I was one of the last 3 players. Of course, two people ganged up on me and killed me, so I didn’t win, but it was fun. Here is some proof from the last match¬†ImageImageImageImage

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Sore throat and Modern Combat 3 on iPad

Ok, so again it’s been a while since I last posted but I can’t help it, I have so much to do. So yesterday I got a sore throat, and I hate it, sure I don’t have to go to school but why can’t I have a cold or fever, they don’t HURT, just uncomfortable. And I’ve taken a break from Minecraft and have been playing an iPad game called Modern Combat 3 (Not to be mixed up with Call of Duty : Modern Warfare) Which is a lot like Call of Duty, but it’s on iPad and the multiplayer servers suck (EXP and Cash rollback ALL the time) I’m level 32, I’m pretty good at it, but not pro… Yet

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Finally another blog post! I’m going to stop saying I’m going to TRY to post every few days. I’m just going to do it. Yesterday we (My family, my dad’s girlfriend’s family, and me) went to a Resturant/Bar called Jupiter’s. My brother, me and the other kids went and played games. They had tons of token games, like Motorcycle Racing, Basketball, and things like that, after playing a bit of basketball, I went down stairs and saw one of those spin wheels where you have a


chance of winning 100 or 1000 tickets, then you can win from 4 to 40. I tried it out, since I suck at basketball, and I only got like 6-7 tickets each time. I got 40 tickets. I was TOTALLY playing this some more, so I spent all the rest of my tokens on it, and got a pretty big stack of tickets, maybe 5 cm long. Then I went back, and got a lot of tickets. Then guess what happened.
I got 100 tickets! Now this may not be a big feat for some, but I thought it was awesome! Then I told my brother he could have the rest of my tokens because I felt sorry for him not getting so many tickets, and I went upstairs. I counted them all (it took a long time) and I had 465 tickets, you can’t get much with that, but my brother, me and the two other kids put them all together, and we had a bag full. We didn’t spend them since there wasn’t much to spend them on, but it was fun.

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The New Year

Ok, it’s been a while since I last posted, I’ve been busy with school and such, but I’d just like to say that I’m going to start trying (even harder) to post (at least) every other day. My life is pretty good, not too much homework, lots of snow. Hope you all (what am I saying, not many people even look at this blog let along read through whole posts) are having a GREAT new year. I’m also going to be working on my website, so it should be up and running (smoothly) in one or two months.

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Christmas, new iPad and one of the best games EVER

So yesterday was Christmas, when millions of people sit by the Christmas tree and open presents, but, since I live in Norway, we open presents on the night of Christmas eve (Lucky us!). I wished for an iPad, even though I knew I wouldn’t get one, it was the only thing I wanted (along with Adobe After Effects, but I didn’t really want that). Then, after opening presents for a while, my Dad picked up a rectangular present, and gave it to me, then picked up an identical one and gave it to my brother, I opened it a bit on the bottom, and saw a white background with some words on the bottom like all Apple presents, then I started to hope for an iPad, then I opened the rest, and saw a picture or an iPad, for a second I thought it was a joke, and I asked my dad if it was an iPad, and he said yes. I was SO happy, but I was polite, and put it to the side till the end of present opening. I’ve been playing with it ever since.

Now for “One of the best games EVER”
Just today I say my brother playing this cool game, with this woman running and jumping and tons of HARDKORE PARKORE. So I asked what it was called and opened it on my iPad (Since my dad set up both iPads with the same apps), it was called Mirrors Edge, some of you may of heard of it before, as it is for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC, so Instarted playing and Inwas totally obsessed, we were at our 3rd cousin’s house so we played with them a bit, but then after we had tacos for dinner they went down to play Wii, so I came down and played Mirrors Edge, and bypassed my brother in levels, and then while we where driving back my brother started playing again and caught up with me a bit, then when we got home my brother finished the two last levels while I w working on the last, I was a bit dissappointed that it was over, after only one day. I wish they would make a level editor…

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Check out my ‘Christmas Wishlist’ WishList.

Check out my ‘Christmas Wishlist’ WishList.

Yeah, its my christmas wishlist. If you aren’t in my family I don’t suggest you go there. or, do, I don’t care.

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1 Million Gold Coins in RuneScape!

Ok, so on Sunday I started playing RuneScape again, I have basicly quit it since I started minecraft, on Sunday I had around 300k (300 thousand gold coins). Now on monday, I have 1 million gp (Gold Coins). Now, for those of you who DON’T play RuneScape, (You should try it,¬† it’s a MMORPG (Massively Multiplay Online Role-Playing Game) where you can train 24 (or something like that) skills, fight monsters, make potions, cast spells and do stuff like that. Now, the most I’ve EVER had is 700k, which is quite a lot, ppl under lvl 60 don’t usually get that far. So I know plenty of ppl have WAY more, but I’m only lvl 74, and don’t play RuneScape that much. The way I did it was the painstaking process of dusting chocolate bars, aka using a knife on a chocolate bar and turning it into dust. Now, in RuneScape you can buy and sell things for ANY price you want, if there is a buyer or seller willing, so a thing to make money is to buy a ton of something, do something to make it worth more, then resell it. Now, I did this over and over again, like 5 times, each time for 1000-2000 chocolate bars, and each time took around 30 min to one a half hour, and made from 50-150k, so it was VERY tedious. But, it payed off and I now have 1 mil. Now what to do with it…

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Himalaya Climbing Park!

On Friday (The 7th of October) I went to Skien Fritidspark, which is Norwegian (Yes, I am part Norwegian if you didn’t know that) for Skien Free-Time Park, directly translated, and I have forgotten the word for it, so I translated it with the all time best, Google Translate, so, while writing “Skein Fritids” I got “Skien Recreational”. I thought “Aha! Thats the word!”, then I finished the “park” on the end of “Fritidspark” and I got : “Skien Leisure Park”, so I guess it could be that, but it just goes to show how complete idiots CANNOT use Google Translate. Actually, only smart poeple can use Google Translate efficiently, of course, just because you can’t use Google Translate very well doesn’t mean you aren’t smart, I’m just lucky that I’m fluent in both languages and only happen to use it for some few words. So, as I was saying, on Friday, my Dad, my brother, and me (Correct enough grammar for you?) went to the (?) Skien Recreational Park, which is a place with lots of things to do, like Frisbee Golf, Swimming, BMX Biking, Rope Climbing and some other things I don’t remember :3. Now let me tell you, it was VERY scary, First, I walked on these logs, 5 meters above the ground, that where suspended on each side, but could go back and fourth, AND there are these little bolts across the line that you fasten your harness to, so you don’t “Go all the way back to the start” which makes life all the more harder, so you almost fall off the logs, with both hands on the lines, then you have to take one OFF and take your thing-a-ma-jiggys (The things that attach to the line so you don’t fall, hopefully) over those ANNOYING bolts. And then there was a just a thin line that you had to walk across with nothing to hold onto other the the harness line. To add to the horrible-ness, there are zip-lines which have a tendency to turn your around, mid air, so you usually land back first on the landing pads, this was happening to me on the training course, 1, maybe 2 meters above the ground, 6 meters long, and I turned around, so I braced with my legs, and I bounce of it maybe 3 meters, having to pull my self back, pinching my hands, in danger to completely SQUISH them between the zip-line-thingy and the zip-line. This happened on 2 of the 3 zip lines on the course, where I bounced maybe 8 meters and had to pull myself back. And, they are EXTREMELY close to trees, some of the trees are padded, one padded one was a good meter away from the line, but another one was maybe a half, and non-padded, and on the longest zip-line, and the ONLY one I didn’t turn around on, my Dad hit that tree with his thigh and went spinning around. It wouldn’t hurt to cut down some of the trees. Now, about half way though this post my computer lost power, I always wait until it says “Reserve Battery Power, Please Plug-in Your Computer, and then a little bit more, and then it blacks out, and I’m like “WTF Happened?!”, and then I’m like, “Oh yeah, I forgot to plug it in”, so most of the time I get it plugged in pretty fast, so it opens up and just has to wait a bit, and voila, its fine, but this time y charger wasn’t plugged in and the outlet is under my bed, so that took some time, and by the time I plugged it in it was too late. By the time I had logged in, there was a message saying that my computer was set to a date before January 1st 2008, which is a whole year and a half before I got tis computer, probably the year it was manufactured, now I’ve always had problems with the time on this computer, it says dates like 1999 for the time that a document that I JUST downloaded, was edited. So I went in and changed the time.

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Minecraft 1.8 pre-release

Well I WAS going to make a video on the 1.8 pre-release but it was bugged like HELL. I tried burning some wood. CRASH. Tried making a torch. CRASH and lose coal. Tried to burn wood again (bad idea). CRASH. Hmm… Maybe I’ll just wait for the official release. *Goes and reports bugs like a baus*

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